About Us

We are your independent non-GMP contract manufacturing organization for your antibody and protein demand. We help you with your individual challenge and provide flexible, high-quality solutions.

our values

We value integrity, respect and trust within a fast-paced and dynamic environment built around scientific discovery. Ethical behavior, equal opportunity, compliance and personal commitment are at the heart of our business.

our Mission

KYKEON Biotech provides recombinant proteins, peptides, enzymes and antibodies in constant high-quality. Our products can be used for research, in-vitro diagnostic and preclinical trials. We support our customers for their success. Our goal is to provide independent reliable services at competitive prices, to fulfill the specific requirements of our customers.

our Vision

We truly believe in the benefits of cell-free systems. Our vision is to unleash the power of recombinant protein production to the fullest, so we can can bring more flexibility and rapidity to the market. Furthermore, we plan to implement our cost-efficient production system on a global scale, to ensure, that people worldwide will get access to the diagnostic products they need.


our approach in a nutshell

At KYKEON Biotech we are offering a cost-efficient and competitive protein production using a unique cell-free synthesis technology.