what we do

KYKEON Biotech is dedicated to cell-free protein synthesis for the production of recombinant proteins for the biotechnology market. As a production and service company, we will produce, purify and deliver proteins requested by customers on a small to industrial scale.


who we are

We are a biotech startup based in Wildau, Germany. Together with our strong and interdisciplinary experienced team we want to accelerate the methods for producing recombinant proteins.

The founding team:
Our CEO Vincenzo De Rocchis wrote his doctoral thesis on plant metabolism and is responsible for process development and management. Wilhelm Gossing (CSO) has finalized his PhD thesis in the field of biomedicine, protein analysis and antibody assays. He is responsible for production, IT and sales. Martin Kern (CFO) is an industrial engineer with professional experience in the fields of marketing, project management and finance.

what we offer

Our cell-free production process combines the advantages of other protein production systems (e.g. yield, complexity) without being limited by their disadvantages (e.g. expensive cultivation). We use our unique process to offer a more cost-efficient and significantly faster protein production to our customers.



Cost-efficient production

Our cell-free system is able to reduce the cost of recombinant protein production. The cost benefits are the unique advantage of our system, which is also appreciated by our customers.

Customization of proteins

We are happy to modify the proteins according to your requirements. Our production can be flexibly adapted to your individual projects and delivers the proteins with the desired properties.


Reproducibility of results

The proteins obtained by our system have a high reproducibility, i.e. the quantity and quality is constant across batches that is ensured even with repeated orders.


Fast protein synthesis

We offer fast protein production, which allows our customers to respond flexibly to the demands of the market. With our system, all orders are ready for shipment in two to three weeks.


Scale-up process design

Once the yield of the target protein has been confirmed, further upscaling can be implemented. Here, the production can be scaled up to 100 mg by many reactions carried out in parallel.

Sustainable production

We avoid genetically modified organisms and the use of animal products in our work. In addition, our cell-free system is very resource-efficient to ensure high sustainability.

our production timeline


read our first interview

If you are interested to learn more about our business idea, our cell-free technology and our long-term goals, we recommend to check out our latest interview here:

KYKEON Biotech is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund within the EXIST-program.